Knowledge Cultures in New Media Art  *NEW*
June, 2022. International Symposium on Electronic Art. Barcelona, Spain.
Visual Communication in Times of Crisis: The Fukushima Nuclear Accident
April, 2012. Leonardo.
What is New Media Art?
March 2009
Timeline of 20th c. Art and New Media
Aug 7, 2009. Featured by Influx, Tom Barker
Subjective Media: A Historic Context for New Media in Art
July 1, 2009. Fourth International Conference on the Arts in Society. Venice, Italy.
The Limits and Freedoms of Artistic Practice
March 15, 2010
Essential Resources for Understanding Global Change
April 12, 2019
A Film Viewing List for Contemporary Artists
July 4, 2011


The following are from my Ph.D. dissertation on creative freedom in the media arts. Cite as follows:
2010. Hoetzlein, R. Imagination in Media Arts: Technological Constraints and Creative Freedom. Dissertation. University of California Santa Barbara.

Tools for the Visual Media Artist: A Survey
LUNA: A Puzzle-Based Metaphor for Procedural Modeling
Procedural Modeling of Complex Objects
Creative Workflows for the Media Artist
Emergent Behavior: A Functional Analysis of Art
Structure in Dynamic Media
Digital Bricolage


The following are from my M.Sc. thesis on knowledge organization. Cite a follows:
2007. Hoetzlein, R. The Organization of Human Knowledge. Masters thesis. University of California Santa Barbara.

Survey of Knowledge Systems
Integrative Strategies
Databases and Systems
Ontology and Classification
Knowledge Visualization


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