Year Course Instutition
2024 Electronic Programming IxD, CCA
2023 Interaction Design IxD IxD, CCA
2022 Digital Animation (Motion Graphics) DMD, FGCU
2021 3D Animation I & II DMD, FGCU
2021 Contemporary Theory in Design DMD, FGCU
2020 Contemporary Applied Design DMD, FGCU
2020 Professional Practices in Design DMD, FGCU
2019 Interactive Design DMD, FGCU
2019 Digital Media Design I & II DMD, FGCU
2011 Advanced Animation and Motion Capture Medialogy, Aalborg
2011 Computer Graphics and Digital Scenography Medialogy, Aalborg
2011 Practical Course in Computer Graphics Medialogy, Aalborg
2008 Introduction to Computer Graphics (TA) Comp.Sci., UCSB
2006 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (TA) Mech.Eng., UCSB
2005 Visual Art Literacy (TA) Fine Arts, UCSB
2004 Advanced Topics in Game Design GDIAC, Cornell
2004 Violence in Video Games: A Cultural History GDIAC, Cornell


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Introduction to Computer Graphics

Basic Lighting and Illumination
Introduction to Graphics: Viewing Transformations
Introduction to Graphics: Lighting and Illumination
Introduction to Graphics: Object Representation & Modeling
Introduction to Graphics: Hidden Surface Removal

Practical Course in Computer Graphics using OpenGL

Introduction to Computer Graphics
Introduction to OpenGL & Hardware
OpenGL: Lighting & Color
Modeling & Tesselation
3D Object Representation
Texture Mapping
OpenGL: Texture Mapping
Polygonal Modeling
IGX Lab – Command-Line Framework for OpenGL

Advanced Computer Graphics

Shader Graphs
Raytracing and Global Illumination
History of Raytracing
Global Illumination: Radiosity, Photon Mapping & Path Tracing
Procedural Modeling
Non-Realistic Rendering: Drawing
Non-Realistic Rendering: Painting
Global Illumination: Radiosity and Photon Mapping
Scene Graphs

Computer Graphics for Video Games

Artificial Intelligence for Gaming
Collision Detection

Animation and Motion Capture

Animation: Basic Principles
Animation: Walk Cycles
Motion Capture: History & Basics
Motion Capture: Hardware & Workflow
Motion Capture: Recent Trends
The Animation & Games Industries

Media Arts

Media Arts: A Brief History
Prototyping & Failure: The Art of Design
Media Arts: Future Trends
Artistic Modeling