MAKH (c) Rama Hoetzlein, 2004


Rama Hoetzlein (c) 2004 & 2014
Machines, motors, tape players, and cinematography

MAKH is a convergence of ‘Making’ and ‘Machinima’. Making follows the makerspace movement and ethos; creation through DIY design, mechanics, and electronics. Machinima is the development of film making and narrative through the use of record video game play. MAK’H is a combination of these trends – a convergence of ad-hoc mechanics and cinematography. A central theme in makh is the democratization of film making, and the notion that anything animate, whether it be video games, animals, or machines, can lead to visual narrative. Makh re-imagines making as a process in which the completed object irrelevant (there is no finished), and re-imagines cinematography as narrative derived from anything animate.

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