The following are research topics in Media Arts Theory.
For my research in Computer Graphics, see list of Publications.


Tools for the Visual Media Artist: A Survey
LUNA: A Puzzle-Based Metaphor for Procedural Modeling
Procedural Modeling of Complex Objects
Creative Workflows for the Media Artist
Emergent Behavior: A Functional Analysis of Art
Structure in Dynamic Media
Digital Bricolage


Integrative Strategies in Knowledge Organization
Databases and Systems
Language and Representation
Ontology and Classification
Knowledge Visualization

The above are excerpts from my Ph.D. dissertation on creative freedom in the media arts and M.Sc. thesis on knowledge organization. Citations may be as follows:

2010. Hoetzlein, R. Imagination in Media Arts: Technological Constraints and Creative Freedom. Dissertation. University of California Santa Barbara. December 2010.

2007. Hoetzlein, R. The Organization of Human Knowledge. Masters thesis. University of California Santa Barbara. June 2007.