Rama Hoetzlein, Ph.D Dissertation, 2010
Media Arts & Technology, University of California Santa Barbara

LUNA is a visual language for dynamic procedural modeling. Built as a custom graph-based scene language, LUNA adopts a tile metaphor to enable rapid experimentation with dynamic geometric operators. The data flowing through the LUNA graph consists of multimedia objects such as images, meshes, geometric instances, sounds and text. Luna was developed as a dissertation on the benefits and limitations of creativity support tools in computer graphics and media arts.


Tools for the Visual Media Artist: A Survey
LUNA: A Puzzle-Based Metaphor for Procedural Modeling
Procedural Modeling of Complex Objects
Creative Workflows for the Media Artist
Emergent Behavior: A Functional Analysis of Art
Structure in Dynamic Media
Digital Bricolage

2 thoughts on “Luna: Dynamic Procedural Systems

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if the code for Luna is available somewhere. I would be very curious to look at the implementation.
    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Giacomo,
      Thanks for your interest, but I am continuing to develop Luna for research projects currently and the software is not available. I may release it in stages at a future point.
      Best, Rama

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