This new video shows an animated information graphic of regional effects of Fukushima radiation from March 8th to 31st, 2011.
The first section shows particulate radiation reaching Ibaraki Prefecture and Tokyo by atmospheric dispersion. Time to reach Tokyo is delayed by roughly six days. Purple indicates a data outage. The second part shows how radiation levels in Ibaraki Prefecture, 128 km away from Fukushima, silently pass over the town in waves of radiation significantly higher than normal. The third part plots radiation versus distance, in which radiation from particulate matter is significantly less at various distances from Fukushima. While ionizing radiation is known to fall with the square of distance (linear in a log plot), this part shows that particulate radiation also falls off rapidly with distance due to atmospheric scattering, although in a more complex way depending on local weather.

3 thoughts on “Fukushima Radiation – Regional Effects Animation

  1. I’ve just seen this site for the first time today. It’s birlliant! I really appreciate your effort and I’d really love to see another one as today (May 7th around 4pm) white and then black smoke was reported from Fukushima 1. If you have time please update the animasion!

  2. Do appreciate your great effort on the three works you have done. As you have shown, I also feel we require to have a bird’s eye point of view to understand what is the reality of this disaster. Concerned to this problem, it is so complicated but really necessary to find out good solution ! I was amazed how you got all the data(I believe all from the Internet)as well !

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