The following are a set of resources to help understand modern global change.

There is strong need for thoughtful discussion to return to American thinking. Whereas the news media focuses on sensational or irrelevant points they often miss the fundamentals for the sake of superficial debate. This list of essential resources is intended for the general public and presents important authors in major fields of study that everyone should know. The lectures and films are intended for more visual thinkers, while the writings and books are for intellectual readers or for those who wish to go deeper.

Resources were chosen based on their relevance to global issues, the importance of its contribution to other fields, the importance of concepts to raise public awareness, and clarity of presentation or writing to a public audience.

Field Author Media Resource
Climate Greta Thunberg Interview School Strike for Climate: 15-Year-Old Activist
Speech Writing Save the World by Changing the Rules
Womens Rights Tarana Burke Lecture Me Too is a movement, not a moment
Rituparna Bhattacharya Paper #MeToo Movement: An Awareness Campaign
Policy Alexandra Ocassio-Cortez Interview Rep. AOC Explains Why the Green New Deal is About More than Climate
House Resolution The Green New Deal
Labor Elizabeth Warren Lecture The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class
Paper The Growing Threat to Middle Class Families
City Planning Elon Musk Interview The Future we’re building – and boring (tunneling)
Computer Science Lee Sudol vs. AlphaGo Documentary Film AlphaGo (Artificial Intelligence)
Biology Marla Spivak Lecture Why bees are dissapearing
Paper The Plight of the Bees
Energy Michael Shellenberger Lecture Why renewables can’t save the planet
Book Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility
Relationships Esther Perel Lecture Rethinking infidelity.. a talk for anyone who has ever loved
Miller McPherson Paper Social Isolation in America: Changes in Core Discussion Networks in over Two Decades
Education Davis Guggenheim Documentary Film Waiting for Superman
Hannh Ardent Paper The Crisis in Education

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