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RAMA KARL HOETZLEIN is a fine artist, computer scientist and media theorist. His thesis at Cornell University explored robotic sculpture. With the Media Arts & Technology program at University of California Santa Barbara he examined systems for knowledge organization, while his dissertation focused on creativity support tools for media artists (2010). Rama was co-director of the Transliteracies RoSE project in the Digital Humanities (2008-2010), and Assistant professor of graphics and animation in Medialogy with Aalborg University (AAU) Copenhagen (2011). Recently his research with NVIDIA Corporation, in collaboration with SpaceX, Dreamworks and HP Labs, has produced open source software for creative design and additive manufacturing (2013-2018). Rama currently investigates intelligent systems to explore ecological issues and our relationship to technology.


Rama Hoetzlein completed a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Computer Science at Cornell University in 2001, with thesis works on robotic and mechanical sculpture. From 2001 to 2004, Rama co-founded the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University with David Schwartz. For his masters in the Media Arts and Technology program at the University of California Santa Barbara, he developed a novel semantic database, Quanta, to explore representations of interdisciplinary knowledge. Recently, he has worked in the digital humanities with Alan Liu (Department of English, UCSB) as co-director on an NEH grant and lead scientist to develop a Research-Oriented Social Environment (RoSE), a social network for living and historic persons. In 2007, his dissertation with the Media Arts and Technology Program at the University of California Santa Barbara focused the issue of creativity and technological freedom in media arts. Rama has exhibited art works internationally in Beijing, Genève, Seattle, New York and Copenhagen. In 2011 he was Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Architecture and Media Technology (Medialogy) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. Rama is currently a Graphics Research Scientist with NVIDIA Corporation, working on simulation and rendering of large scale systems on GPU-based hardware. His current and future research focuses on intelligent systems.