“My work focuses on knowledge systems and simulations. I develop my own software for simulations to explore nature, reality and imagination.”

Rama Karl Hoetzlein

Assistant Professor, Digital Media Design
School of Entrepreneurship, Florida Gulf Coast University
E-mail: rhoetzlein@fgcu.edu
Profile: FGCU Academic Page
DMD: http://fgcu.edu/digitalmedia
Curriculum Vitae:

RAMA KARL HOETZLEIN is a computer scientist and media artist. His early work examined robotic and mechanical sculpture, completing a dual-degree in Fine Arts (BFA) and Computer Science (BA) from Cornell University in 2001. From 2001 to 2004, Rama co-founded the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University with David Schwartz. His masters work at the Media Arts and Technology program with University of California Santa Barbara considered the development of novel semantic databases, Quanta, to explore representations of interdisciplinary knowledge. From 2007 to 2010 he was co-director in the Digital Humanities with Alan Liu to develop a novel social network (RoSE) for living and historic persons. In 2007, his dissertation focused on Procedural Art and issues of creative freedom in media arts. Rama has exhibited works internationally in Beijing, Genève, Seattle, New York and Copenhagen. In 2011 he was Professor of Computer Graphics at the Mediology, Department of Architecture and Media Technology (Medialogy) at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. From 2013 to 2019, Hoetzlein was a Senior Engineer with NVIDIA Corporation and the Lead Architect of GVDB Voxels, an open source framework for volumetric data in motion pictures, additive manufacturing and scientific visualization. Dr. Hoetzlein is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design at Florida Gulf Coast University, co-founder of the new Digital Media Design major, and Director of the Interaction Research Lab focusing on 3D animation and motion graphics.